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Balsam Charity

Kuwait Airways linked up with Kuwait Red Crescent, to provide relief for the less privileged and to bring a smile to their faces’.

Kuwait Airways launched ‘BALSAM’, a humanitarian project jointly with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, to provide remedial measures for the needy.

The objective of ‘BALSAM’ is to encourage passengers to donate coins or currencies, which will not be used back home or at their original destination. Further, the different kinds of currencies collected is then forwarded to the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, to be used in rescue operations and social services, for casualties and prisoners of war, as well as for needy children.

To facilitate passengers to participate in this fundraising project, special envelopes carrying the slogan ‘Bring a smile to their faces’, is available on board all Kuwait Airways flights.

The donations from Kuwait Airways passengers are forwarded to the Kuwait Red Crescent, a humanitarian society which supports charitable causes universally, and is a member of the International Red Cross.

It is yet another symbol of Kuwait Airways’ strong commitment
towards serving society. Kuwait Airways will continue to exert additional efforts to expand the airliner’s conscientious support for social and humanitarian causes.

KAC Supports Gallaf

KAC Chairman and Managing Director, Sheikh Talal Mubrak Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah received at his office the world handicapped fencing champion ِTareq Al-Gallaf.
This came on the occasion of Gallaf’s winning first place according to the international rating and clinching the bronze medal in the Hong Kong championship run during the period February 23-27, 2006.

During the encounter, Sheikh Talal praised the championship won by the fencer Gallaf, noting that this demonstrated the bright image of the State of Kuwait at the level of world forums.
He hoped for Gallaf and the Kuwaiti athletic movement uninterrupted success for realizing the nation’s drive for intermittent accomplishments.
Gallaf expressed utmost thanks and appreciation for the support and care awarded to him by KAC and presented to Sheikh Talal an appreciation medal on this occasion. Concluding, Gallaf said this stance is not the first by KAC which always drives for playing a national role through lending efficient support for sportsmen and for the Kuwaiti athletic movement.


KAC launches fresh services, holiday’s program, Oasis Club Privileges

KAC takes part in Kuwait International Tourism, Transport Expo Kuwait Airways Company took part in Kuwait’s International Tourism and Transport Expo 2006 organized during May 7-10 2006 at the Mishref Fairground and sponsored by former Information Minister Dr. Anas Al-Rsheid.
KAC Director of Public Relations and Media Adel Mohammad Boresly, said KAC is always keen on participating in in-house and off Kuwait expos, based on its deep conviction that these expos are public communication channels, cultural means and good data feeding process. In addition it is a valuable opportunity to display the latest KAC rendering services, as well as technical, technological and service accomplishments.
He said the novo KAC program is rendering further new services that satisfy all customers.

Boresly said Kuwait’s pavilion at the Kuwait International Tourism and Travel Expo this year was the most spacious and up to 250 square meters and this reflects its importance for KAC.
He added, the pavilion was fostered by a full KAC team that represents the Engineering, Public Relations and Media, Holidays, Oasis Club, Sales and Airway entertainment.
For the first time ever, Boresly said, KAC takes part through a training department and development team with the aim of marketing its program. The team was fully ready to respond to any query that would have been probably posed by the expo visitors.
Director of Public Relations and Media cleared out that the team presented multiple booklets and brochures on the KAC services, adding that through the KAC holidays program, summer 2006, various price offers will be offered for group trips to various parts of the world.

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